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90 Days to Vibrant Health and Vital Well Being
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The intrigue of whole life transformation has led you here.


The western medical system has only offered so much and you seek a deeper connection with body, mind, and spiritual harmony.


You know there is another way to create the kind of overall well being you so deeply desire.


Right now...


  • You are being called to explore well being on a deeper level. 

  • You are lining up to create true balance within your body.

  • It is time for true, transformational healing so you can create more harmony within and become a guide for other willing beings.

  • You are ready to incorporate Ayurveda into your professional practice.


To the Wisdom of Ayurveda

Building blocks for your journey to greater self-healing

Bring equilibrium to your body, mind, and spirit as you learn this ancient wisdom and explore your personal constitution.

This foundational course is for those looking to deepen their innate wisdom and understanding of Ayurveda to enhance their life and the health of their family.

Ayurveda is your invitation to realign with the rhythms of nature so you can feel in tune with the world within.


Beautiful One, I am so grateful you are here…

I am Jeanette Sealy, your guide through the Wisdom of Ayurveda. As an internationally certified Yoga Therapist, mentor, and Ayurvedic guide for the past two decades, it is my honor to guide others on their journey home to themselves.

As a natural healer with an intuitive practice, I have spent years discovering how to heal the schisms between the mind, body, and spirit and am on a lifelong journey to perfect this art.

My philosophy begins with the belief that the body and breath are intimately connected with the mind, and that the ancient arts of Yoga and Ayurveda enhance well being on every level.

My life story is a myriad of learning, unlearning, and self-actualizing. From autoimmune flare ups that kept me in bed for 15+ hours a day to hosting world wide retreats and healing myself through a deep understanding of Yoga and Ayurveda, I know how transformative the science of life is.

With close to three decades of study and experience, I have learned how simple lifestyle changes can bring about epic transformation.

The Wisdom of Ayurveda


For Personal Healing

  • Includes the Foundations course which will give you all the tools to create a thriving Ayurvedic routine that fits into your life with ease.

  • Increase your knowledge of Ayurveda and learn to enhance your scope of care through an Ayurvedic lens.

  • With increased understanding, you can share with your family the benefits of Yoga, breath, nutrition, and lifestyle specific for their dosha.

  • Discover profound healing through the Ayurvedic practice of self warm oil massage and marma point therapy.

  • Receive Ayurvedic women's wisdom for pregnancy, post-partum, and menopause
  • Harness the power of this ancient life knowledge to support you in living with vibrance, harmony and vitality.


Guaranteed transformation on every level as you embark on the Ayurvedic journey designed for you...


“This was a chance for me to really notice myself and notice my body and notice in a very quiet place what a gift it is to be able to give my body an Ayurvedic cleanse”


"Oh the massage!! I took my time every morning, I could see the workings of my mind and doing it just to do it, but then I decided to put love into every touch and honor my body. It’s been life changing."


"These teachings are a total game changer! The simple ways I've learned to take care of myself and my family have changed my life profoundly. Thank you so much!"

Everything changes when you approach life from an Ayurvedically informed place.


Enhance your personal wisdom as you cleanse your body and attune yourself with the ebb and flow of life.


Create true balance and harmony by cultivating a deeper understanding of who you are and what you need, using your dosha and the science of Ayurveda as your guide.


Operate with a clear mind and a healthy body as you become prepared to teach others ayurveda so you can guide them back into connection with themselves.


This wisdom is available to you now.



"Ayurveda is a coming home to your deep internal wisdom."


I believe that the power to create more harmony, clarity, and vitality begin with an understanding of who you are and how to serve your spirit best. Ayurveda is the most transformative tool to create true healing and live your life with the ability to bend and flow, all while you remain grounded firmly to the earth. 

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Connect with this Ancient Practice

This is a journey that will take you into new levels of well being and vitality!